Warrior Arts

Under the direction of Al McLuckie, Panther Kenpo Karate offers various levels of Warrior Arts classes. These classes are based on the Filipino Martial Arts. It teaches techniques using sticks, knives and empty hands. You will also learn disarming and joint locks.     

The Filipino Martial Arts describes the numerous martial art forms that originated in the Philippines. Filipino martial arts include Panantukan (empty-handed techniques), Eskrima/Kali/Arnis de Máno (blade and stick fighting) and Pananjakman (kicking)

Why participate in Warrior Arts classes????

  • Your upper body, arms and legs will tone up and benefit from the conditioning.
  • You learn practical self-defense techniques; such as striking, wrestling and groundfighting.
  • Many techniques do not require strength or power since most of the force is derived from body movement and economy of motion.
  • It complements and enhances any form of martial art.
  • This type of training is great for all ages; the Black Eagle Eskrima Grandmaster is 76!!
  • Most importantly... IT'S FUN!!!!