Systema - Russian Martial Arts

     Systema is a Russian martial art designed to be a highly adaptive and practical, training using drills and sparring instead of traditional katas and techniques found in most martial arts. It focuses on developing spontaneous adaptivity through understanding the bodies tension and density by integrating posture, breathing, relaxation and movement.

     There is no historical "real name" for these arts. In many cases, it's common to simply see "Russian martial arts" used, although that can lead to some confusion. In a sense, the name "Systema" (the system) can be thought of as a generic title comparable to "Kung Fu" ("one who is highly skilled" or "time" and "effort").

     Under the direction of Al McLuckie, Panther Kenpo Karate provides an environment conducive for teaching and learning this Russian art. To find out more about this system, ask for details on the next class, and stop by to see for yourself. You can also find out more by visiting Vladimir Vasiliev's website