Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate System

     Panther Kenpo Karate emphasizes holistic, mind/body fitness and teaching style focuses on each student's personal best, providing a non-competitive, supportive learning environment setting that allows students to make steady progress through the ranks of Kenpo Karate. Our studio mission is to motivate each and every student to become a complete success in life through Kenpo Karate Training. We will maintain our reputation as the best Kenpo School in Central Ohio through professionalism, quality instruction, and community involvement.
    Enrollment at Panther Kenpo Karate is open and new classes are always forming. All students begin with two private lessons and studio orientation prior to joining group sessions. Panther Kenpo Karate is open weekday afternoons and evenings Monday-Saturday. Stop by and see why Panther Kenpo Karate offers your best home town choice for martial arts instruction!     

     The Ed Parker Kenpo Karate system was brought from Hawaii in the late 1950's by the late Ed Parker Sr. It's goal is to prevent harm to yourself or your loved ones. Parker Kenpo system meets the self-defense needs of Americans in the new millennium.     

     During Ed Parker's early years in Kenpo Karate, he saw the unquestionable need for an updated version of the Martial Art. While analyzing modern methods of fighting, he broke the bonds of tradition and experimented with more logical and practical approaches to self-defense. Through many years of experimentation, training and hard work, American Kenpo Karate was born.

     American Kenpo Karate is pure intelligence of thought and motion. Ed Parker added concepts, theories, principles and innovations not yet employed by other systems. This is what makes American Kenpo Karate unique, practical, logical, realistic and applicable. It has often been referred to as the "University of Martial Arts". It employs linear; as well as circular moves, utilizing intermittent power where and when needed, interspersed with minor and major moves that flow with continuity. It is flexible in both thought and action so as to blend with encounters as they occur. 

The Crest Defined

Kenpo Crest

The 4 Stages of Mind & Body Learning

The 4 Stages of Mind & Body

Power Principles

Kenpo Power Principles