About Us

      Steve Hatfield is a life long resident of the Knox County community. He holds the rank of Seventh Degree Black Belt (Senior Professor) and has studied the Martial Arts for over thirty years, specializing in the American Kenpo Karate Parker System for the past twenty. He has been teaching professionally since 1986 as owner, operator, and Head Teacher of the Panther Kenpo Karate Studio in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

     In addition to Kenpo Karate, Mr. Hatfield has received specialized training in numerous other Martial Arts disciplines including: Philippine stick and knife training, Kick Boxing, Russian Martial Arts (Systema), Tai Chi Chuan, and Chi Gong. He travels extensively for martial arts seminars throughout the United States, and currently receives advanced instruction with Lee Wedlake, 9th Degree Black Belt of Fort Myers, Florida; Al McLuckie, Fort Wayne, IN; and Frank Chan, Rocklin, CA. Past and present professional affilations include the Chinese Karate Federation, International Kenpo Karate Association, Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association, and the National Association of Professional Martial Artists.

     Mr. Hatfield volunteers numerous hours in the Knox County community doing workshops, demonstrations, and programs in the areas of Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Stress Management, Movement, and Relaxation. These organizations include: Mount Vernon High School, Fredericktown High School, Centerburg High School, Big Brother/Big Sisters, Adult Day Care Easter Seals, Old School Child Care, Columbia Elementary (Alma Mater), Pleasant Street Elementary, Twin Oak Elementary, The Laurels, 1st Congragational Church, Knox County Fair, Family Fun Day, Dan Emmett Arts and Music Festival, Gambier Fire Dept, The Station Break, Opportunity Knox, West Side Elementary, Croton Church of Christ, East Elementary, Lee Wedlake's Karate Studio (Ft Myers, FL), Kenyon College, Methodist Theological Seminary and many more.