The 4 Stages of Mind & Body Learning


The pupil knows nothing about Kenpo Karate and is just beginning to learn the basic movements involved in each technique and form. This is a non functional stage because every movement is exaggerated through a slow mental process.


The first two stages mark a beginner. The pupil now understands the mechanics of performing techniques, but not necessarily the flow between the techniques and can't react instinctively to attacks. The pupil can neither react very instinctively to an attack, nor can they adapt the techniques to variations in the attacks; such as the force of the attack, the terrain or the height/weight of the attacker. In essence, the student must search for the correct response to an attack.


This level represents Brown and Black belt level of knowledge. The pupil now understands both the mechanics of executing techniques and how they flow together. At this point, the pupil can properly react to an attack without having to think first and plans their movement in advance. The pupil is an expert.

Meta Physical

In this stage, the martial artist is said to possess skill in clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition. They know your moves before you make them. They see how you carry yourself, read your body language and know your intentions. This person has seen every attack before and has the proper response burned into their mind. The pupil is now a true professional.